About Thomas

Thomas J. Napoli is a twelve year old boy who underwent emergency brain surgery and was diagnosed with an aggressive rare cancerous brain tumor last June, 2013. It was only two days after graduating from elementary school on a beautiful Sunday afternoon that his life would never be the same.

Thomas pulled through a very difficult surgery and spent nearly two weeks at Cohen’s Children’s Hospital recovering, this was just when his summer was supposed to begin. When the tumor hemorrhaged it caused nerve damage to his extremities to his right side.

Thomas learned how to walk again and has even taught himself to write with his left hand. He has hopes of returning to the sports he loves to play (baseball, lacrosse, football, and Hockey) but we are not certain if he is capable. Although, when it comes to Thomas, anything is possible. Thomas faces these challenges on a daily basis, but he is a remarkably strong boy who continues to amaze us every day getting stronger, hence “Thomas Strong”.